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Terms and Conditions

This is is governed by terms and conditions to which you agree if your continue to view with or without bypassing this notice.

1. You agree to indemnify, release from all faults, as a result of using this page or any affiliates to this site. You agree to use arbitration and pay for all fees.
2. You agree to the terms, policies etc to the host site which govern this website.
3. You agree to not make prejudice, vulgar, rude or slanderous, defamation, threatening, out of the use of any site including this one.
4. You agree to only create websites name you own.
5. You agree to not add anyone else's data in use of this site or its content or results from making websites banner stickers.
6. You also agree to the terms of the POD host site for terms of use.
7. You agree not to use premade templates as company logos.
8. You agree not to use the artist designs for mass commercial resale without a license from the artist.
9. You agree not redirect website banners to other websites or to use to drive traffic to another site.
10. You agree to abide by all state and federal law regarding placement of automobile stickers post production.
11. You agree not to infringe on intellectual property of any artwork through this sites and are solely responsible for your action. There for agree to hold harmless this site, affiliates, family, etc. all parties there of free from harm and faults.
12. No part of these terms are to be legal advice. Seek a professional for such information.
13. You may not use any images as logos, or resale or distribute for any other use than personal use.
14, contact for custom designed website banners which are an additional fee.
15. Any unauthorized use of content herein is subject to a daily fee of $10 per day with an additional $500 usage fee without permission such as but no limited to redirecting traffic to your website.

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*(Some but not all links are affiliate links which pay the a small fee after purchase.  Some but not all images are popular designs by the individual artist.)