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Website Banner Sticker Badges

Website banner sticker badges are for businesses to create their own company name stickers to pass out to their customers.  With the bonus of having a matching website banner badge the business owner can also with terms allow a customer to download a company badge to which the customer posts on their website. This links the customer directly to their favorite business.
*******PERMISSION IS REQUIRED BY LAW. You must have written permission from the business to use this services. Buy purchasing you agree you are the owner and legal trade mark owner of the the name you are using on any product.  By purchasing or filling out this product, you agree to indemnify me, this website and all parties of any faults and agree to take full legal responsibility for all illegal acts. These website name services are for business only.

Here is an example of website banner sticker badges. You are welcome to create your own and link to your family or friends. Create a club and link all members together. Use these sticker in support of your favorite things on your own website.

First, before using anyone else's name, make sure you have legal written permission.


...More to come.